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Hi, I’mJames Devalon.

Personal Training In Pompano Beach

Highly Certified Fitness Professional With Top Fitness Certifications

Hey, I am James Devalon, founder of Devalon Fitness. Our mission at Devalon Fitness is to help individuals build healthy habits, improve energy, sleep quality, productivity and nutrition through fitness and mindset training. As a retired first responder. My goal was to help others in their time of need to thrive and not just survive. With over ten years of training experience in the fitness industry, I've established a system to maximize fitness results within a short period. Together we will improve your wellness through exercise to close the gap between you and your goals in life.

Why Devalon Fitness?

Our personal trainer's focus is on health and optimal wellness. Optimal wellness is more than just lifting weights and doing cardio. We take a holistic approach to overall health. We help you build more robust mental and physical pillars of health, recovery, and improving your performance — allowing you to unleash your full potential!

Fitness + wearable technology to help you achieve your goals
Simple easy to follow nutrition program
Personalized accountability with guaranteed results

Programs Simple easy to follow nutrition program

Our coaching options have been designed from the ground up to put you and your goals first. Our programs include one-on-one training, small group coaching, corporate wellness, and nutrition packages. All of our offers have been tested for over a decade. All of our programs focus on results with sustainability.

Personal Training

Train one on one with one of our certified fitness professionals

Small group fitness

Train with a small group or 3 to 5 people. Great for beginner or those looking for some special attention

Group fitness

Train with the community a large group of members ranging from 6-16 people.

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Our Happy Clients (Testimonials)

Our Happy Clients (Testimonials)

Do You Have Any Questions?

Do you have any couple packages?

We do offer a discount for couples. Since each person is unique, two custom programs need to be set up, however, they will be discounted from the regular price. Both partners will have their accounts, dashboards, training app access, check-in calls, nutrition goals, etc. We can provide tailored services such as creating synergistic programs that will help motivate one another and help one another on their wellness journey. Further, if desired to enhance the experience, we can facilitate check-in calls back to back as well.

For the discount code, please reach out to james@devalonfitness.com We will share the code via email.

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If you have any other questions, please do reach out to info@devalonfitness.com

Are your Programs Personalized?

Yes, all custom programs are tailored to your abilities, goals, and the equipment you have access to. Custom programs are built after completing a one-on-one consultation.

Ongoing Optimization

-During the length of the program, your workouts and nutrition are adjusted to meet your goals with efficiency and sustainability.

I would love to start now. Can we chat first?

Most definitely! You can book a discovery call (954-955-8777) here.

Do I Need Access To A Gym?

No we have set hours for our gym and open gym on Saturday's from 12pm - 2pm

Can I bring a friend

Certainly! "Feel free to bring friends and family anytime! Plus, every Saturday, you can bring a friend for free to join our group fitness classes."